Create Living Asset NFTs for your web site, application or game

'Living' NFTs

Living Assets are NFTs that can evolve and change based on multiple factors, generating engagement well beyond collectibles. Evolve with on-chain certification, leave token URLs behind.

Layer-2 Scaling

Our Layer-2 scaling technology allows millions of NFTs to be created and evolved without worrying about congesting the blockchain.

FIAT & Crypto

Creators of Living Assets receive recurring revenue from every 2nd-hand sale. Owners trade seamlessly in fiat and in most native cryptocurrencies and ERC20 tokens.

No Gas, Greener

Scaling means that gas expenditure is fixed, irrespective of DAUs (Daily Active Users). Neither you nor your users have to pay for gas. Environmental impact is also reduced by many orders of magnitude.

Integrate Easily

Visit our Github to see examples of how to quickly integrate Living Assets into your application, using a simple WebAPI, without having to set up a dedicated web3 team.
Last modified 6mo ago