Living Assets Testnet

Developing in Testnet

DApp builders can develop and integrate against the Living Assets Testnet, and only launch in Mainnet when ready.

The smart contracts that glue the Testnet Layer-2 to the Layer-1 are typically deployed on a Layer-1 Testnet too. For example, while the Living Assets Mainnet is deployed on the Polygon PoS Mainnet, the Living Assets Testnet is deployed on Mumbai.

Testnet Reset

Unlike in Mainnet where data is persistent, the data in the Living Assets Testnet is reset periodically, often aligned with the change of calendar year. This ensures a better developer experience, by cleaning the network of test data, removing spam, and helping maintain the system over time.

DApp developers do not need to conduct any special actions before, during, or after the reset. Each Universe owner will continue to be the manager of the universe with the same universeId. The only difference perceived will be that all previously existing assets and trades will have disappeared.

There is currently no date planned for the next reset.

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