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In this tutorial series, we will explore the integration of Web3 features into Unity games, providing users with their Web3 identity and delving into the world of blockchain technology, with the ease of use of the Living Assets™ API. By the end of these tutorials, you will have the knowledge to implement Web3 wallet functionality in your Unity games and connect them to the Living Assets™ API, opening up new possibilities for decentralized gaming experiences.
Web3 Wallets in Unity
In the first tutorial, we'll cover the fundamentals of Web3 wallets and how to seamlessly integrate a basic wallet into your Unity game. You'll learn how to enable users to interact securely with blockchain-based assets. Start the tutorial.
Basic Living Assets™ Server
This tutorial focuses on creating a brand new server application designed for Living Assets. We'll guide you through setting up endpoints to mint and evolve these in-game assets, enhancing the depth of your gameplay. Start the tutorial.
Basic Game/Server Authentication
Security is vital in online gaming. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to implement basic game/server authentication mechanisms, ensuring a safe gaming environment for your players. Start the tutorial.
Connecting a Unity Game to the Game Server
Smooth communication between your Unity game and the game server is crucial for real-time gameplay experiences. This tutorial will show you how to establish a robust connection, enabling players to take actions that affect their in-game assets. Start the tutorial.
Exporting Accounts from Unity for Trading in the Web Marketplace
Players can trade their assets in the Freeverse Customizable Marketplace. This tutorial will guide you on exporting user accounts from Unity to the Web Marketplace, facilitating secure asset trading. Start the tutorial.
Deploying a Game within the Marketplace
Finally, we'll demonstrate how to deploy your game within the Marketplace, simplifying asset trading for players and fostering an engaged gaming community. Start the tutorial.
Completing this tutorial series will equip you with the knowledge and skills to create an immersive blockchain-powered Unity game experience. Embrace the world of Living Assets™, and let your players embark on an adventure like never before!
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