The Living Assets platform is compatible with any web3 signing wallet. To facilitate integration with videogames, mobile apps, etc., clients can also make use of a a simple Onboarding wallet.

Both the Customizable Marketplace and the Payment Gateway support this wallet and other industry standards like Metamask, including Hardware wallets, such as Ledger, via their integration with Metamask.

WalletConnect is also allowed, enabling users to operate with a large list of integrated wallets.

Onboarding Wallet with 2FA

The Onboarding wallet conveniently allows users to quickly join the marketplace without having to use external plugins, and yet, enjoy 2-Factor-Authentication (2FA), where:

  • one of the factors is "access to sign-up email";

  • the other factor is, as always, the private key.

The latter is, as always, created in their own device, and, in this case, exported in an encrypted form.

The Freeverse Customizable Marketplace offers convenient ways for the user to export their key in a string encrypted with their entered password. This string can be used as recovery data, and is often referred to as Encrypted ID,

In particular, during the sign-up process, the user UX is identical to the usual process in any website; the web3 account creation happens almost inadvertently, with recovery data automatically sent to their sign-up email.

Note that an attacker would have to both gain access to the user's email, and guess the user-entered password during sign-up.

The Onboarding Wallet stores the doubly-encrypted recovery data in the user's device and, just like Metamask, requires the user's password for signing transactions:

From Onboarding to Metamask

The web3 account created with the Onboarding Wallet can be imported to Metamask and other wallet providers at any time.

When logged in to the Customizable Marketplace, simply go to the settings page, and click on the settings wheel in the top-right corner of the account you want to port.

Then, click on Export -> Show Private Key.

Once you have the Private Key, follow the usual steps to add the account to your favourite Web3 wallet. For example, to import it in Metamask, simply follow the usual path.

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