Creators & Universes


All NFTs in the Living Assets platform are split into Universes.

Every Universe is controlled by a Universe Owner, who owns the only web3 account with permissions to create and evolve assets within its Universe. Different Universes can correspond to very different entities: a video game, an artist, a Metaverse, an IP owner, a marketplace, etc.

In this pattern, Ownership and Asset Properties are two concepts that are split by nature. Asset Owners own, use and trade their assets. Universe Owners create and evolve their properties.

AssetId & UniverseId

All assets are uniquely identified by an assetId, long integer numbers. Encoded in each assetId is the corresponding unique identifier of the Universe it belongs to, the universeId, and int values starting from 0. An example would be:

assetId = 112293273091734553182603862001082583992003844951412 => universeId = 0

The fact that the Universe is encoded into the never-changing id of every asset guarantees that assets created in a given universe will remain there forever.

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