State Machine

This page details the state machine that a BuyNow undergoes during the trading process.


Once a BuyNow is created it can be in several states. These states may be queried by the API; your application may opt to do so whenever sync is needed.

This is the complete state machine.

An asset is free to be put for sale, as long as the asset is not involved in an ongoing BuyNow, basically, as long as there is not a BuyNow in either of these states: STARTED, ASSET_TRANSFERRING, or PENDING_CANCEL.

Example of messages shown in each state

To help illustrate the meaning of each state, examples of messages that could be displayed to users for each state are provided below. For each state, the following user roles are considered: seller, buyer and spectator. The latter refers to users who do not participate in the trade process being visualized.

Example of messages for ongoing BuyNows:

Example of messages for ended BuyNows:

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