Web3 Wallets

Industry Standard Web3 Wallets Support

Any web3-compatible wallet can be used to provide signatures to the Living Assets platform. For clients only using the Living Assets API, since only signatures are transmitted, they are completely free to choose their favourite web3-compatible wallets.

Additionally, both the Customizable Marketplace and the Payment Gateway currently implement support for industry standards like Metamask and WalletConnect, as well as the Onboarding Wallet.

Note that Hardware Wallets, such as Ledger, can also be used via their integration with Metamask.

Using WalletConnect

During account setup, just select the corresponding option:

Likewise from the Settings Page:

When clicked, either scan the QR code or simply select the wallet of your choice from the list:

Configuring Hedera in Metamask

For marketplaces configured to accept payments in Hedera's HBAR cryptocurrency, wallets such as Metamask can be easily configured.

Users just need to enter the URL of one of Hedera's public JSON-RPC relays, in a similar way that users typically enter the URL of public nodes when setting up wallets for other blockchains.

Here is an example configuration to connect to Hedera's testnet:

Here is a full set-up walkthrough, showing how to transfer HBAR between users:

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