Multi-currency Peer-to-peer Payments

The marketplace allows users to trade NFTs with direct peer-to-peer payments. This means that there are no intermediaries - money is transferred directly from one user to another (with commission for the transaction, see below).

The Living Assets platform supports trading in most native cryptocurrencies and ERC20 tokens. It is straightforward to add support for further native cryptos or ERC20 tokens, as long as they live in EVM compatible blockchains. Just contact us if interested.

Trades for each asset are initiated in one single chosen currency, uniquely identified by a currencyId. All potential buyers of that particular asset will need to pay in that currency.

New Users

New users must register with an email address, which is then verified by entering a code received by email. This verification is a requirement as a basic Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedure, and must be completed before the user is able to buy or sell assets.


Royalties can be set for all peer-to-peer sales, and are shared with the original creator of the asset. Each Living Assets Universe Owner is free to set the royalty fee that they desire.

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