Cancelling a Sale


Asset owners can cancel the listing of items they had previously put up for sale by signing the required cancellation request with their private key.

When a cancellation mutation is triggered, the buyNow will be cancelled immediately only in the case that there are no payments in progress.

If there were payments being processed, the buyNow will transition to PENDING_CANCEL state. If an on-going payment is completed successfully, the asset will move to ASSET_TRANSFERRING, and eventually be transferred, as usual. On the other hand, as soon as all on-going payments expire, the buyNow will be cancelled.

Please refer to the State Machine for more details.


The CancelBuyNow mutation has the form described below:

mutation { 
        input: { 


  • signature is the current asset owner (i.e. the seller) signature.

  • buyNowId is the identifier of the buyNow to cancel.

This mutation needs the proper b2b auth token to be included in the headers.

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